Africa as a growing economy is filled with potential business opportunities. #Ask Me Anything on the immigration options into sub-Saharan Africa.

Itang Amissine GMS
Feb 14, 2018

I am an immigration and compliance expert with knowledge of a diverse number of African immigration legislations notably; Nigeria, Mozambique, Ghana, Tanzania, Ethipoia, Angola, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, DRC, Cameroon and Chad. With the increasing focus on compliance, it is important for companies to understand the evolution of the African immigration systems as well as the need to ensure full compliance of their expatriates in Africa.

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Africa has many times been used as the symbol of world poverty - would you say that poverty is still rampant in the region?

Feb 17, 11:55PM EST0

What’s it like for a solo woman traveller who wants to go to Africa? Generally speaking, is it safe?

Feb 17, 9:46PM EST0

Are there any racism or discrimination against women issues in Africa?

Feb 16, 5:25PM EST0

Can same sex relationship couples from South Africa apply for Visa in Cameroon? Could you tell about the formalities?

Feb 16, 12:53AM EST0

Can same sex relationship couples from South Africa apply for Visa in Cameroon? Could you tell about the formalities?

Feb 15, 9:12PM EST0

Out of Nigeria, Mozambique, Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Angola, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, DRC, Cameroon and Chad, which country has the easy immigration process and why?

Feb 15, 10:03AM EST0

The immigration processes in these countries differ depending on the permit category. As with a majority of African countries, these policies are subject to change with or without prior notice making it difficult to identify a specific country's process as easier than the other. However, the immigration process in most lusophone countries are layered and complicated considering that documents must first be legalized and authenticated before commencing any work permit process.

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Feb 15, 1:35PM EST0

Is there any difference between the Spousal visa and a Relative’s visa?

Feb 15, 8:05AM EST0

Hi Alfred,

There is a difference between a spousal visa and a relative's visa. A relative's visa allows for permanent residents to sponsor extended family members into the country by either proving first or second level kinship. A spousal visa on the other hand applies only to a husband or wife seeking to move to another country.

Feb 15, 1:30PM EST0

If a person wants to have his/her own business in any of the sub-Saharan African countries and if they are in the relationship with the citizen of these countries. What visa can one apply for?

Feb 15, 2:29AM EST0

As a potential business person, it is important to note that the business must be properly set up in the country of choice and a work/business permit will be required to operate there irrespective of the relationship status with a citizen of the country. 

Feb 15, 1:24PM EST0

Do Sub-Saharan countries offer Visa on arrival option? If yes, how can one get a Visa On Arrival Approval Letter?

Feb 14, 1:34PM EST0

Yes, there is a visa on arrival option in most sub-Saharan African countries. However the process to obtain this pre-approval for this visa type varies from country to country. For precise information, kindly specify the country of interest.

Feb 15, 1:21PM EST0

Is it necessary to hire immigration and hiring compliance while planning to apply for the visa to any of the sub-Saharan countries?

Feb 14, 11:10AM EST0

If your trip is work related, it is recommended to engage the services of an immigration provider. An immigration service provider will ensure you comply with the immigration legislation of the particular country and ensure that your trip is not adversely affected due to failure to comply.

Feb 14, 3:09PM EST0

Where must a visa for African countries be applied for? In there, respective embassies or is there any common platform?

Feb 14, 9:32AM EST0

For most African countries, the visas can be obtained directly from the consulate/embassy. However countries like Nigeria and South Africa engage the services of a visa handling agency like VFS and OIS services for the processing of visa applications.

Feb 14, 3:11PM EST0

What are some of the business opportunities that one can get while applying for Visa for any of the sub-Saharan African country?

Feb 14, 8:51AM EST0

Africa is rich in natural resources however, there are business opportunities in other sectors like; communication, real estate, information technology.

Feb 14, 3:14PM EST0

Since many of the sub-Saharan African health workers migrate to European, do you suggest someone in the health field to move to any of these countries in the field of health sector? IS there any scope for growth?

Feb 14, 12:20AM EST0

This is an interesting question however, it is important to note that the migration of these health professionals has led to a shortage of qualified personnel in these countries. This also implies the need to fill the vaccum created by the constant migration. The scope for growth will be dependent on the country in question as well as the conditions for growth surrounding expatriate hire.

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Feb 14, 6:59AM EST0

Is it possible to apply for permanent residence by retiring in one of these sub-Saharan African countries?

Feb 13, 9:03PM EST0

Hi Gregory, 

Not all African countries offer permanent residency on the basis of retirement. However, this option is available in South Africa.

Feb 14, 12:41AM EST0

If a person has been offered employment in Nigeria. What steps he/she must take to apply for Visa?

Feb 13, 1:20PM EST0

Hi Vukica

Kindly email for details on the work permit process for Nigeria. You will receive the information that will inform your decision.

Last edited @ Feb 13, 2:14PM EST.
Feb 13, 1:55PM EST0

What/Who is a compliance officer?

Feb 13, 12:04PM EST0

A compliance officer is one who oversees and handles issues related to the strict adherence to laws or regulations. He/she is also required to recommend any needed changes to the business/organization.

Last edited @ Feb 13, 2:13PM EST.
Feb 13, 2:05PM EST0

Can a person apply for a work visa while in African countries on a visitor’s visa?

Feb 13, 11:17AM EST0

For most African countries, the work permit process starts with a consular application in one's home country or country of residence thereby not allowing for an in-country visa switch. In essence, it is not possible to switch from a visitor's visa to a work permit whilst in country.

Last edited @ Feb 13, 2:13PM EST.
Feb 13, 1:54PM EST0

Which countries in Sub-Saharan Africa can one get cheap flights to? Is flying to Africa generally expensive, given the lack of competition?

Feb 13, 10:37AM EST0

Hi Andrej

I recommend you visit the websites for the various airlines. As with any destination in the world, the cost of the flight ticket will vary depending on the airline, departure country and of course if it is peak season or not.

Last edited @ Feb 13, 2:12PM EST.
Feb 13, 1:51PM EST0

Could you explain the financial requirements in order to retire in Nigeria and Ghana? And how old should a person be to retire in any of these African countries?

Feb 12, 7:08PM EST0

The retirement age for Ghana in the public sector is 60 with a possible extension for a further 5 year period. Nigeria on the other hand, sets the retirement age at 65 in the public sector. What is common between both countries is that there is no prescribed retirement age as a business owner. To retire well, it is important to have adequate finances in order not to be a burden to the government. For Ghana, there is an option to have an investment permit but the grant of this permit is dependent on the amount of money invested in the country.

Feb 13, 10:06AM EST0

Out of all the countries from sub-Saharan which one is the most prosperous?

Feb 12, 6:49PM EST0

All African countries have got varying degrees of success as such, the level of prosperity will depend on the country or region in question as well as government investment in these countries.

Feb 13, 9:12AM EST0
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