Canada Calls: Grab the Chance to Be One of the Over 300,000 Immigrants in Canada Through This AMA Event

Maria L.
Feb 5, 2018

Looking into moving to another country for a fresh start? Your search is finally over as Canada opens its doors for 300,000 immigrants this year and you can be one of them! Thanks to Toronto-based regulated Canadian immigration consultant Ahmad Junaid Salik, we get to knows the full details of this wonderful news in his AMA event where he talked all the scopes involved in the program.  Whether you’re a student, professional, businessmen, investor, or just a plain visitor, the Land of Maple Leaf awaits you this 2018:

QUESTION: Why does Canada need too many foreign nationals to immigrate there?

Canada is a country of Immigrants for over centuries. It has aging population mostly of baby boomer era after World War II.. It is the second largest country of the world whereas its population is just 35 million. Due to aging population, it needs more skilled worker who could be prepared for future to keep the economy going. thats why Canada invites foreign nationals to come to Canada and become Canadian to keep its population growing. The annual target of new immigrants is about 1% of the existing population. In recent announcement by the immigration minister, Canada will accept 1 million peole from 2018-2020. 

QUESTION: Do immigrants in Canada have the same benefits of Canadian citizens?

Foreign nationals who become Permanent Residents of Canada upon landing have same rights as Canadian Citizens, except that they cant cast their vote.

QUESTION: How much do I normally need to spend if I want to apply to become an immigrant in Canada?

FOr a single person, you need to have / show about C$12475 , for any dependent , you can add C$3500 for each. this covers your expense for 6 months. For an accurate fiigure, pl refer to 

QUESTION: Do older individuals, 40 and above, have a more difficult time getting approved as an immigrant?

Its not difficult but competitive. Under the current immigration, there is more competition and only best of the best get an opportunity to immigrate. However, people with age upto 49 may apply and get selected under Provincial programs 

QUESTION: Do you believe that Canada will still be immigrant-friendly even after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s term?

Canada is country of Immigrants-it never stopped getting immigrants. Its not the government but the bureaucracy that makes the system. The Canadian Immigration system is accepting more immigration from 2018-20, that is one million, unprecedented. However, it is more competitive as compared to previously , 5-10 years back.

For more information about Canada's immigration program, do visit Ahmad's complete AMA event here

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