Canada Needs You!!!!! Ask Me Anything If You want to Move to Canada

Ahmad Junaid Salik
Feb 1, 2018

Canada will accept over 300,000 foreign nationals in 2018.

Be one of those.


Ask me 

I am a Toronto Based Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant 

I have helped thousands to people reach Canada as a Professional, Businessmen, Visitor, Students and Worker.

Call now and discuss your case.


1. Professionals (Have a degree, 2 years relevant experience, high English/French language skills)

2. Students: Want to study in Canada in School, College or University

3. Businessmen: Want to initiate a business in Canada .

4. Investor: Want to invest in Canada and get Permanent Residence

5. Visitor: Want to VIsit Canada for Tourism, business meeting or family visit

6. Work in Canada 


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Do you have a website where one can see all the services offered by you/your company?

Feb 6, 2:36PM EST0

Can a person apply for Permanent Resident status and Temporary status at the same time?

Feb 6, 2:25PM EST0

How can someone apply for a passport if they do not have an eligible guarantor?

Feb 6, 6:35AM EST0

What is Canada Express Entry and how does it prove useful for the possible applicants?

Feb 5, 4:23AM EST0

What profession is most needed in Canada? For instance, does a nurse have better chances to be approved as an immigrant compared to a doctor?

Feb 2, 5:43PM EST0

Why does Canada need too many foreign nationals to immigrate there?

Feb 2, 4:54AM EST0

Canada is a country of Immigrants for over centuries. It has aging population mostly of baby boomer era after World War II.. It is the second largest country of the world whereas its population is just 35 million. Due to aging population, it needs more skilled worker who could be prepared for future to keep the economy going. thats why Canada invites foreign nationals to come to Canada and become Canadian to keep its population growing. The annual target of new immigrants is about 1% of the existing population. In recent announcement by the immigration minister, Canada will accept 1 million peole from 2018-2020. For details, please feel free to email me on 

Feb 2, 8:10PM EST0

Why is Canada a great destination for students who want to move to another country for education?

Feb 1, 4:58PM EST0

Canada is the number 1 destination for International students as it offers post grad work permit opportunity for upto 3 years during which you can apply for Permanent Residence of Canada. The government is currently more focused on International students as they can be good good worker in future.

Feb 2, 8:18PM EST0

Would you be able to recommend real estate agents who can assist in housing loans for immigrants?

Feb 1, 4:56PM EST0

which area you want to live in. You can contact me whatsapp 0019053998620

Feb 2, 8:19PM EST0

Do older individuals, 40 and above, have a more difficult time getting approved as an immigrant?

Feb 1, 2:36PM EST0

Its not difficult but competitive. Under the current immigration, there is more competition and only best of the best get an opportunity to immigrate. However, people with age upto 49 may apply and get selected under Provincial programs . For your assessment, pl fill our FREE online assessment form on 

Feb 2, 8:22PM EST0

Do you believe that Canada will still be immigrant-friendly even after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s term?

Feb 1, 2:06PM EST0

Canada is country of Immigrants-it never stopped getting immigrants. Its not the government but the bureaucracy that makes the system. The Canadian Immigration system is accepting more immigration from 2018-20, that is one million, unprecedented. However, it is more competitive as compared to previously , 5-10 years back.

Feb 2, 8:24PM EST0

hi, i want to move to Canada but i dont know if is posible to work like lawyer, so im Lawyer and im working like immigration lawyer in Mexico, do you think is posible to find a good job in Canada?

Last edited @ Feb 1, 12:24PM EST.
Feb 1, 12:21PM EST0

Yes it is possible to immigrate. however, in order to work as a lawyer, you will be required to do certain courses in Canada. 

In order to assess your eligibility, please fill our FREE online assessment form on 

Feb 2, 8:25PM EST0

Do you offer financial assistance for those who wish to migrate to Canada but don’t have enough funds to go through the process?

Feb 1, 10:31AM EST0

Meeting financial requirements / having sufficient funds is a mandatory requirement for applying for Canadian Permanent Residence. 

Feb 2, 8:26PM EST0

Do you also provide assistance for housing and job placements for approved immigrants?

Feb 1, 8:25AM EST0

Yes we do

Feb 2, 8:27PM EST0

Is it advisable to apply as immigrant to Canada as a family or would it be better to apply as an individual first and petition family members later on?

Feb 1, 3:06AM EST0

For Canadian Immigration, you need to apply as a family, you cant apply alone. Pl fill our assessment form on so that we can advise you.

Feb 2, 8:28PM EST0

Do immigrants in Canada have the same benefits of Canadian citizens?

Jan 31, 10:47PM EST0

Foreign nationals who become Permanent Residents of Canada upon landing have same rights as Canadian Citizens, except that they cant cast their vote.

Feb 2, 8:29PM EST0

Do single individuals have more chances of getting approved compared to married individuals or single parents?

Jan 31, 10:17PM EST0

It depends, Under the Express entry, you lose points if you are married, your 40 points are allocated to your spouse, who may or may not score points through education and offical language skills. However, in Federal Skilled worker category, you get points for language ability of spouse or through previous education or experience in Canada. Pl contact us directly if you have a case specific enquiry on 

Feb 2, 8:32PM EST0

How is racism in Canada? Are there are any serious racism issues towards immigrants?

Jan 31, 2:54PM EST0

No, there are no such issues in Canada

Feb 2, 8:43PM EST0

How much do I normally need to spend if I want to apply to become an immigrant in Canada?

Jan 31, 10:27AM EST0

FOr a single person, you need to have / show about C$12475 , for any dependent , you can add C$3500 for each. this covers your expense for 6 months. For an accurate fiigure, pl refer to 

Feb 2, 8:49PM EST0

What are some of the best types of businesses that’s ideal to initiate or establish in Canada?

Jan 31, 9:05AM EST0

It depends, what you want to do, and what you can do? every business is succesfull if you are expert in it. 

Feb 2, 8:49PM EST0

What’s the best city in Canada to relocate for those looking for low cost housing?

Jan 31, 7:29AM EST0

It depends on your preferences, what would be your business/job. family composition, children, etc . Though big cities like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver are big cities but have their charm of livelihood. You may live in th evicinity of these big cities. 

Feb 2, 8:51PM EST0
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