Hi, my name is Colleen. I've moved house 14 times and moved schools 6 times. I'm 16 years old. Ask Me Anything!

Colleen Sunagawa
Jun 18, 2017

In my short life I have lived in many different houses, sometimes even moving whole continents. I hope I'll stay where I am right now until I graduate next year. AMA!

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Hi! How do you cope up with this kind of setup? Are you still in touch with your friends from diff. places?

Jun 18, 10:06PM EDT0

My daughter had to move a lot, because we were a military family. Is it hard to establish long term friendships?

Jun 18, 4:35PM EDT0

Do you keep in touch with your friends from each move?

Jun 17, 9:21PM EDT0

I try to, but it eventually ends in a "they have new friends" type of outlook.

Jun 18, 12:10PM EDT0

What grade are you in right now?

Jun 17, 5:07AM EDT0

I'm in Ireland and starting my last year of school before university. Sorry I'm not sure what that is in American grades!

Jun 18, 12:11PM EDT0

What is your favorite subject in school?

Jun 17, 2:33AM EDT0

Art and english.

Jun 18, 12:11PM EDT0

How much notice do you normally have before you have to move again?

Jun 16, 10:45PM EDT0

It's always mentioned but maybe a month or less.

Jun 18, 12:12PM EDT0

Have you considered doing virtual school instead of moving around so much?

Jun 16, 5:06PM EDT0

I've been homeschooled but then that lacks the social side of school so I prefer going to actual school instead.

Jun 16, 7:21PM EDT0

Have you ever had a girlfriend or does moving make it too difficult?

Jun 16, 4:54PM EDT0

Um... no girlfriends but one boyfriend that I'm still with!

Jun 16, 7:20PM EDT0

How long does it take to pack up each house?

Jun 16, 10:22AM EDT0

About 2 weeks.

Jun 16, 4:08PM EDT0

Is saying goodbye to people before you move difficult?

Jun 16, 5:43AM EDT0

Very. Once I even avoided it completely and just texted them to say I'm gone...

Jun 16, 4:08PM EDT0

Are your parents in the military and required to move often?

Jun 16, 3:15AM EDT0


Jun 16, 4:07PM EDT0

Were you give then option to stay with your grandparents or someone in the area?

Jun 16, 1:52AM EDT0

Never, even now I mention living with close friends if they move again but my requests are usually rejected.

Jun 16, 4:06PM EDT0

Have you ever had trouble with bullies after moving schools?

Jun 16, 12:44AM EDT0

Never, I'm usually welcomed and accepted.

Jun 16, 4:05PM EDT0

Do you think you will move again this year?

Jun 15, 1:12PM EDT0

I don't think so, but it's always mentioned once or twice a week...

Jun 15, 9:42PM EDT0

How do you like the school you are in now?

Jun 15, 12:51AM EDT0

The best one I've been in so far.

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Jun 15, 9:41PM EDT0

What kind of grades are you getting in school?

Jun 14, 9:03PM EDT0

I used to get mostly As and Bs but this year I did awfully.

Jun 15, 6:50PM EDT0

Have you ever lived somewhere outside of the country?

Jun 14, 10:37AM EDT0

Yes. I've lived in Japan, America, and Ireland.

Jun 15, 6:49PM EDT0

What is the most fun part about moving houses?

Jun 14, 7:52AM EDT0


Jun 15, 6:47PM EDT0

What would you like to be when you grow up?

Jun 14, 6:33AM EDT0


But as a job, I'd love to write, to have a job I'm not geographically tied to and still have freedom.

Jun 15, 6:47PM EDT0

Do you think you will move around a lot when you are on your own?

Jun 13, 10:02PM EDT0

I think so, seeing as my job right now is portable and I'm not linked to any cement areas, I think so...

Jun 15, 6:46PM EDT0

What is the hardest part about moving schools?

Jun 13, 5:54PM EDT0

People always asking the same questions over and over!

Jun 15, 6:45PM EDT0

Is it hard for you make long term friends?

Jun 13, 4:14PM EDT0

Very, but thanks to the internet I can always hit like on a new photo or comment something nice just so we don't drift completely..

Jun 15, 6:45PM EDT0

Do you bring a lot of stuff from house to house?

Jun 13, 3:39PM EDT0

Not really, we don't own much furniture as we move into furnished houses.

Jun 15, 6:44PM EDT0

Do you buy new things for each new house?

Jun 13, 10:32AM EDT0

No, we either leave things behind or hire a truck, and we only move into furnished houses.

Jun 15, 6:43PM EDT0

Do your parents feel bad about making you move so often?

Jun 13, 7:00AM EDT0

Sometimes they do, because we leave friends behind but usually not so much. "you'll make new friends"

Jun 13, 10:17AM EDT0

Do you purchase the houses or rent them?

Jun 13, 6:47AM EDT0

Always rent.

Jun 13, 10:16AM EDT0

Do you enjoy moving to a new house?

Jun 13, 1:20AM EDT0

Sometimes. When I was young, yes, but now not so much.

Jun 13, 10:16AM EDT0

Do you plan to go to university after you graduate high school?

Jun 12, 5:22PM EDT0

Definitely but I need to wait a year for funds.

Jun 12, 6:09PM EDT0

Do you upgrade to a better house each time?

Jun 12, 5:02PM EDT0

No, that only happened 3 times.

Jun 12, 6:08PM EDT0

How long do you typically stay in each house?

Jun 12, 3:16PM EDT0

The shortest time was 2 months and longest was 7 years.

Jun 12, 6:08PM EDT0

Did your parents make money by selling houses?

Jun 12, 2:55PM EDT0

No, we've rented from landlords mainly.

Jun 12, 6:07PM EDT0

Are your parents moving so often on purpose or out of necessity?

Jun 12, 2:29PM EDT0

When I was small, on purpose but now out of necessity.

Jun 12, 6:07PM EDT0

How many different cities have you lived in?

Jun 12, 1:07PM EDT0

Cities = 0. Towns = 8.

Jun 12, 6:06PM EDT0

Why did you move houses 8 times without moving schools?

Jun 12, 11:43AM EDT0

Living with relatives and then finding our own place in an area, our house not being built on schedule and having to jump between holiday homes and homeschooling.

Jun 12, 6:05PM EDT0

Do your parents make you move in the middle of a school year?

Jun 12, 10:28AM EDT0

They have before, yes.

Jun 12, 6:04PM EDT0

Have you ever been glad to move and leave an area?

Jun 12, 10:15AM EDT0

Yes, one place was beautiful at the start but it became awful... even to the point of death threats, so yes. Definitely yes.

Jun 12, 6:04PM EDT0

Would you prefer the stability of a single home?

Jun 12, 9:38AM EDT0

When thinking of my culture-sensitive memories... I'd say no. Also the fact that I know more than one language is linked to this is critical.

Jun 12, 6:03PM EDT0