Partner With Us!

Our aim is to spread knowledge, to create a space for thoughtful and engaging discussions, to give a platform for our members to share and develop their ideas and make new connections. We are always open for partnerships with businesses and individuals who share the same values. Whether you want to expand and engage your existing community, connect with ours or you are just starting out - get in touch.


Who can benefit from our Partners program?

  • PR and Media Experts
    Add some exposure and engagement to your clients' marketing strategy and let us help you spread the word about their latest great product or service or just how good they are at what they do. Our Partner AMAs are treated with priority when it comes to social media, newsletter and blog inclusion and we work closely with your to help you achieve your goals.

  • Interest based communities
    Authors, Photographers, Bloggers, Health and Fitness professionals, Gamers - no matter how small or big is your community we can help you expand, interact, engage, share and gain knowledge. We love independent makers and creators and go out of our way to get them the attention they deserve.

  • Charities
    You can never get too much publicity. Get your experts and members to host AMAs and expand your reach, gain new supporters, raise awareness about the topic you are passionate about and spark quality discussions to educate existing and new followers. We can also work on joint fund raising campaigns for your cause. Get in touch.

  • Professional unions and organizations
    Share some insights about your trade, generate interest, discuss important events and topics that affect your daily life whilst at the same time promoting your organisation. We will work with you on bringing you the right attention be it on local, national or international level.

  • Small businesses owners
    For you reaching out to new audiences, giving your name credibility and keeping your existing clients and followers engaged is of paramount importance. Get in touch and we will discuss the best way we can help you achieve that.

  • Corporations
    If you have reached the level where you can not easily engage in personal discussions with your clients, customers and followers online and offline you are running the risk of losing the human touch and connection with them and we all know nowadays being personal is everything. Regular AMAs with your key personnel, experts, key clients are possibly the best way to create and maintain that connection.

  • Influencers
    You are very aware of the importance of having an active and committed audience and constantly expanding your reach. We will work with you on just that - finding and implementing the best ways to keeping your numbers growing whilst at the same time not losing your followers’ interest and loyalty.


What does being part of our Partnership Program give you?

  • Add value to your existing product
    We work very hard on promoting our AMAs and get each Host the attention they deserve. Your community members will get some great exposure, reach a new audience and make valuable connections with people who share similar interests. We also have a great SEO ranking so getting backlinks from our platform is beneficial to yours and your members’ marketing efforts.

  • Priority exposure
    Our partner AMAs get priority treatment when it comes to exposure. As a Partner you also have access to more ways of increasing your visibility on the site and amongst our community with banners linked to your members’ AMAs, spots in our newsletter and channel sponsorship plus additional dedicated social media campaigns that we can design and execute for you and your community.

  • A great testimonial
    Offering your community members the opportunity to host AMAs is a great way to get them to share their experiences first hand and spread the word about how great and useful your product or service is. There is no better advocate for the quality you offer than your own crowd.


Have a question? Get in touch.