Pretty #ImmigrationConsultant From Singapore! AMA about Tips on #GettingPRinSingapore!

Kay Cheong
Feb 9, 2018

Representing Immigration@SG (IASG). We leverage on the intimate knowledge of former policy-makers and highly experienced members within the team to provide assistance with your application to enhance your chances of success as well minimize your hassle in preparing the documents amidst your hectic work schedule. Ask me anything about PR and Citizenship of Singapore! Call me at 69090870 to book a free consultation session today!

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Can you also provide assistance to tourists wanting to visit Singapore?

Feb 16, 5:33PM EST0

What's it like for a woman who is a solo traveler to travel to Singapore? Is it generally safe and friendly?

Feb 14, 11:14AM EST0

What’s foreign homeownership like in Singapore? Are foreigners allowed to buy real estate properties?

Feb 14, 5:55AM EST0

What are the most popular jobs available in Singapore right now, which would be perfect for immigrants?

Feb 13, 11:53PM EST0

Have you traveled out of Singapore? If so, what other countries and which one is your favorite so far?

Feb 10, 6:30AM EST0

I love Japan. I love their culture, their food and their places! I also love Switzerland for their beautiful winter scenery. Beautiful Mount Titlis!

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Feb 11, 9:35PM EST0

If a freelancer wants to visit Singapore for a month or two, does he/she needs to apply for tourist visa or work visa?

Feb 10, 6:30AM EST0

Depends on Nationality! You may find the useful information here!


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Feb 11, 11:25PM EST0

I'm a Indian citizen having 3 years of experiences in logistics industry with UK Masters degree, how likely I can get PR to singpore? @kaycheong 

Feb 9, 10:55PM EST0

Hello! There are a lot of factors contributing to a successful PR application! All these factors will be assessed by the government of Singapore on a holistic approach. 

Contact me at 69090870 for a complimetary consultation session that allows me to do a profile evaluation for your chances of PR approval.

Feb 11, 11:32PM EST0

Is migrating to Singapore a difficult process? Why should one choose IASG for the immigration-related concerns?

Feb 9, 6:12AM EST0

Singapore as a burgeoning economy and attractive country continues to attract many people who are keen to migrate there via application for Permanent Residents (PRs). It is estimated that at least 11% of the entire population in Singapore are made up of those with PRs. In a move lauded by many locals, the Singapore government tightened immigration laws in late 2009. As a result, each year since then has seen increasing number of rejected PR applications. This shows that the Singapore government is serious about managing the inflow of quality immigrants into the city state.

You should work with IASG because we have a team of specialists which consist of ex-ministry officer and ex-ICA officer with sound immigration policy knowledge and had handled many complex cases before. Unlike other firms that use 90% - 98% approval rate or 10,000 approval cases, we are a firm of integrity and no marketing gimmicks used. We are specialized in making a strong and document package for our clients by highlighting their strengths. This is why our approval cases consist of applicant with lower profile that earns around $2,000 only.

Call 69090870 for a free evalution profile session.

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Feb 12, 12:02AM EST0

Is Singapore a nice place for an American to move to?

Feb 9, 5:12AM EST0

Yes! I’ve just made a few American friends and they love Singapore! You guys are an awesome bunch of people!

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Feb 9, 9:20PM EST0

What will happen to someone if they end up staying in Singapore illegally for over 6 months?

Feb 9, 3:12AM EST0

Those found guilty of overstaying or illegal entry will face a jail term of up to six months and at least three strokes of the cane, while those convicted of illegal departure will face a fine of up to $2,000, a jail term of up to six months, or both. It’s a serious offence!

Feb 9, 5:05AM EST0

As per your experience, which country people apply for migration or Singapore Visa the most and why?

Feb 8, 2:47PM EST0

all around the world! But my clients mostly are from India and China. Because we have a lot of expats from these 2 countries and they just love Singapore. Mostly because Singapore is very different from where they come from. Its a safe and clean country so they fell in love with Singapore.

Feb 9, 12:16AM EST0

What are some important application tips for applying for Singapore Permanent Residence?

Feb 7, 3:44AM EST0

There is no face to face interview involved in Singapore PR application so it is important to have a strong and complete documents package for a successful PR application. Singapore government are using a holistic assessment for each applicant's profile. It is important for us to take a look at your profile in a greater details before we can give you insights on which angle to approach to strengthen your profile. In IASG, we have credible ministry background with strong immigration policy knowledge. In fact, we assisted a lot of foreigners in getting their PR approved after multiple attempts on their own. Drop by for a free consultation session to know more about how we help our clients! 

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Feb 8, 4:23AM EST0

What should a person do if his/her Singapore citizenship application is rejected?

Feb 6, 4:14PM EST0

If there are significant changes during the submission and after the rejection, such as changes in family nucleus, education level, job promotion and salary increment, you may try to appeal within 2 months. But if says there isn't any, appeal will not works. I will strongly recommend you to come for a free consultation in order for us to help you detect what went wrong on your application and see how we can help to improve on your next submission.

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Feb 6, 9:22PM EST0

Can a person visit Singapore on a tourist visa and go for job interviews? If he/she get an offer, then can they apply for an employment visa?

Feb 6, 3:02PM EST0

Sure you can go for interview on a tourist pass. If you get an offer, the employer will help to apply for Work Pass. There are 3 types of Work Pass available : Work Permit, S Pass and Employment Pass. 

 You are not required to be in Singapore during the application of your pass.

Upon the approval of your pass, you will receive the In-Principal Approval (IPA) letter and you will then enter Singapore with your passport and IPA. Your work pass will then be issued to you once you are in Singapore. Your company’s HR or the appointed agency by your company should be well versed in the procedures and guide you accordingly.

Feb 6, 9:26PM EST0

What are the most important benefits and features of working permit in Singapore?

Feb 6, 2:59PM EST0

They are different types of work passes in Singapore, the common one will be :

1) Employment Pass - For foreign professionals, managers and executives. Candidates need to earn at least $3,600 a month and have acceptable qualifications.

2) S Pass - For mid-level skilled staff. Candidates need to earn at least $2,200 a month and meet the assessment criteria.

3) Work permit - For semi-skilled foreign workers in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process or services sector.

Although both the EP and the WP are visas that are tied to specific employers, holders of the EP are more flexible in changing employers. If they find a better job, they can participate in a new EP application while still working on the previous job position. Even after the EP gets canceled, EP holders have an opportunity to get a Short Term Visit Pass and stay in the country for one more month that can be used for job-hunting and a new EP application.

WP holders are deprived of such privilege of easy job swapping unless they are the Malaysians. After the WP is canceled, its former holder must leave the country in 1 week.

The government allows foreigners working in Singapore to take their nears and dears along as dependant but sets quite a high salary benchmark for such sponsorship. It is 6,000 SGD for lawful spouses and children younger than 21 years old (can be taken on Dependant’s Passes) as well as for common-law spouses, step or handicapped children (taken on Long Term Social Visit Pass). For parents, which can be brought to Singapore only under LTVP, the salary benchmark is even higher (12,000 SGD).

According to these requirements, not all holders of the EP are allowed to bring their families to Singapore, and for the WP holders this option is closed at all.

Expats who have worked on the Employment Pass for more than 6 months can pursue the Singapore’s permanent residence. This status allows them to stay in the country legally and benefit from the employment freedom the citizens have as well as from other perks such as wider opportunities in business, buying property, healthcare, and education. 

As the WP was developed for foreigners arriving in Singapore for a temporary employment, an opportunity to get a permanent residence isn’t provided for them. According to the ICA (immigration and Checkpoints Authority), only the EP or S Pass holders can qualify, so potentially WP holders can pursue PR after they upgrade to the S Pass category.

Feb 9, 12:41AM EST0

Are there any disadvantages of attaining Singapore Citizenship?

Feb 6, 11:27AM EST0

The disadvantages of attaining of Singapore Citizenship are :

1) National Service - Male Singapore citizens are liable for National Service and must register for NS upon reaching 16.5 years of age. They will be enlisted for two years of full-time National Service immediately upon reaching 18 years of age, unless deferment from enlistment a later date is granted.

2) No dual citizenship

3) CPF withdrawal limitation - The only way for you to withdraw all your CPF saving as a lump sum is to renounce your citizenship status.

Feb 9, 12:50AM EST0

If a foreigner and leaving his job in Singapore and his employe ends up holding back his salary for tax, levy and work pass application. Is that allowed?

Feb 6, 10:38AM EST0

How can one apply for Singapore citizenship for their child if they do not have a local contact person in Singapore?

Feb 6, 9:16AM EST0

While applying for family tie scheme, what other documents does one need to bring for the interview Do you also have to bring all the family members along?

Feb 6, 8:49AM EST0

No face to face interview is involve in applying for PR in Singapore be it PTS scheme or Sponsorship scheme. This is why a strong and complete document package is very important. 

Feb 12, 2:29AM EST0

What is the difference between an immigration lawyer and immigration consultant?

Feb 6, 8:05AM EST0

Here are the two main differences between the lawyer and consultant profession:

  • Services: When it comes to practicing immigration law, lawyer and consultants can offer most of the same services. Lawyers however can represent a client in federal court for complicated cases, whereas a consultant can only go up to the appeal tribunal level when there is an issue with an application.
  • Education: Lawyers graduate from law school, having studied various areas of law over a three year period, plus articling with a firm and writing the bar exam. They typically specialize in two or three areas once they graduate. In contrast, consultants do a 6 to 12 month course specifically on immigration law, and write a national exam. Both programs have a prerequisite of university.
Feb 9, 12:54AM EST0

Where were you working before working as an ImmigrationConsultant?

Feb 6, 1:18AM EST0

I was a cabin crew for Singapore Airlines for 5 years before i decided to clip my wings and be on ground! It was a very nice experience but i love my new job!

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Feb 6, 4:30AM EST0

Is Singapore PR Scheme for working individuals different than for foreigners and investors?

Feb 5, 2:29PM EST0

How to apply for Singapore Citizenship under the Family Tie Scheme through e-Singapore Citizenship?

Feb 5, 11:14AM EST0

Are you aware of any upcoming fee increases or changes to the legislation in Singapore Immigration that may impact someone's Visa application?

Feb 5, 6:41AM EST0

I think you are talking about the new e-PR system whereby now you need to pay S$100 per applicant for application fees for every single attempt for PR application. Yes, I'm aware!

Feb 12, 2:35AM EST0

Is there any scope for a young Freelancer to get Singapore PR status under the PTS scheme? How can a Freelancer with a good knowledge of Singapore culture who are committed to Singapore, share its values, and are willing to contribute to society can get PR?

Feb 5, 4:11AM EST0

Every applicant will be assessed holistically based on a lot of factors. I strongly recommend you to come for a free profile evaluation session in order for me to look into your profile in a greater details and then i will be able to tell you, where you stand for Singapore PR approval.

Feb 12, 2:39AM EST0

How long have you worked for Immigration industry and how has your journey been?

Feb 4, 6:51PM EST0

I've been working as an immigration consultant for more than half a year now and I have to say it's pretty challenging as Singapore immigration policy are ever changing. So we need to keep ourself updated with the newest policy knowledge. Being able to interact with fellow expats and make more friends were also part of the interesting side of my job! So far, Im loving it!

Feb 8, 4:29AM EST0

If a person's Visa is canceled or expired and he/she ends up overstaying their visa? What happens in such situation?

Feb 3, 5:40AM EST0

Are Singapore Immigration laws very strict? Have you ever come across any complicated situation which took a long time to get solved?

Feb 2, 5:34PM EST0

If a person uses a Registered Migration/Immigration Agent will it help fast-track the application process? Is there any benefit?

Feb 2, 3:42PM EST0

Engaging immigration consultancy firm can guarantee that you’ll definitely pass the initial screening stage on your documents and forms. In fact 80% of the application will not pass the initial screening stage when they applying on their own. However, it will not help to fast track the application process. Understand that Singapore PR application does not involve face to face interview, thus a strong and complete document package is very important. And this is what we specialised in. In fact we assisted many foreigners that apply on their own and get rejected multiple times, when they use our services, it eventually gets approved. 

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Feb 4, 10:22AM EST0

Do you recommend PR for someone who is looking to stay in Singapore for at least 3 to 5 years?

Feb 2, 12:53PM EST0

Hi Nickie,

Yes. I strongly recommend someone to apply for PR even he/she only plan to stay in Singapore for 3-5 years. This is because

1) CPF contribution - once you’re a PR, company has to contribute 13-15% of your salary into central provident fund and it can be used for health care, growing your assets, home ownership and family protection. And if you are to renounce your PR after 5 years, rest assured that you’ll get back all your money! 

2) Freedom to enter in and out of Singapore without have to apply for separate Singapore visa for work and travel.

3) Priority for your children for entry into public school, after citizen if you were to include them in your application.

4) More job opportunities!

And so much more benefits. So why not get first and think later whether to stay only 5 years or longer? Who knows you might met a Singapore lady and decide to settle down here 😝

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Feb 4, 10:18AM EST0

How's Singapore towards people from a different race? Is it a pleasant experience to visit and stay in Singapore?

Feb 2, 9:48AM EST0

Being a foreigner myself, I felt Singaporean has high acceptance towards people from different races. When Singapore became independent on Aug 9, 1965, multiracialism was written into the Constitution. Multiracialism has shaped many major national policies, spanning education, housing and politics, among others. With over 110,000 expatriates and 7,000 multinational companies operating here, global citizens will also feel right at home forging a career in Singapore. So far, it's a pleasant experience for me to be able to stay in Singapore. In fact, I've gotten my PR status 3 years ago. No regret!

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Feb 6, 12:23AM EST0

In your title, "Pretty #ImmigrationConsultant From Singapore! ", how does "pretty" apply to your job? Isn't that sort of subjective? I mean, how is that important for what you do, or this AMA for that matter? Not that I don't think you're pretty, just don't see why this is relevant here.

Feb 2, 9:32AM EST0

Its not important to what i do and irrelevant. haha! It's just that this is my first time to create a AMA and I was told to write an interesting caption. I hope you find my caption interesting and that's why you dropped me a reply. LOL!

Feb 4, 11:26PM EST0
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Would you like to put some light on possible disadvantages of applying for Permanent Residence in Singapore?
Feb 2, 8:27AM EST0

One of the disadvantages of becoming a Singapore PR  will be locking up of your funds in the CPF (Central Provident Fund) and it's strictly regulated. Generally your salary will reduced by 20% as a form of mandatory savings in your CPF. But do note that CPF can be used for your health care and home ownership. So not every individuals will view it as a disadvantage. Another disadvantage is National Service liability of the sons of PRs for 2 years when they turn 18 years old. There's no way to avoid enlistment unless PR is renounced. And if this happens, the chances of the son being able to work in Singapore again is highly unlikely.

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Feb 6, 12:16AM EST0
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